Voisines, 2021. Photo credits: Aurianne Chevandier

4 fabric prints (40x60cm), 4 digital prints (10x15cm), 4 papers. Dimensions variables.
Two pairs of hands are chatting. Their image, printed four times on fabric, goes together with photographies and directions in space written hastily on paper. This set is taken from a corpus of documents, fruit and matrix of a research on daily life that Aurianne Chevandier has been conducting on and with her neighbour over a year and a half. Together, they compose Voisines, an installation aiming at translating a geography without a map.

The said geography is sensitive, guided by daily changes between two women. One lives in her flat for over sixty years, the other moved in a few months earlier and explores the neighbourhood with her camera and the words of her neighbour in mind. It’s a common and shared geography, built through discussions and a constantly renewed examination.

Away from the two-dimensionality and the scale of a map, the arrangement of elements generates a form of wandering within the exhibition space, that is reminiscent of the intuitive exploration of an urban environment. The fragmentised components of the installation become a self-reliable set of signs guiding the steps of viewers.

Aurianne Chevandier, Voisines, 2021. Photo credits: ©Aurianne Chevandier

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