Nur zur äußerlichen Anwendung, Contemporary Matters Studio, Exhibition view
Photo credits: Sophie Pölzl, 2023

Nur zur äußerlichen Anwendung
Curated by Contemporary Matters

17. 03. - 05. 05. 2023
Contemporary Matters Studio

Accompanying program: 
01. 04. 2023: Was passiert 2045? 
Photo-walk with SKGAL

20. 04. 2023: The planned city in the making
Cornelia Dlabaja in conversation with Aurianne Chevandier

Artistic production and program supported by Bundesministerium Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport.

Curation and exhibition managment supported by Donaustadt Kultur and ÖH GEWI.
What happens, when a planned city is confronted with the use of its residents? What ephemeral traces do they leave behind? Is photography a productive medium for the preservation of these traces?

The French-born artist Aurianne Chevandier introduces with Nur zur äußerlichen Anwendung her first solo-exhibition in Austria. Through an intensive process, the artist has dealt with the urban spatial environment of the Contemporary Matters Studio — the public space of Seestadt. Educated as both a photographer and historian, Aurianne Chevandier researched the still young historicity of the site.

Intentional and undeliberate everyday gestures have a real-material, yet temporally-precarious presence. Through photographs of seemingly banal objects captured on light-sensitive film and within a confining frame, Aurianne Chevandier attempts to reconstruct and narrate the genealogy of ephemeral movements. The artist captures these traces with another imprint - that of the photographic apparatus. Through this double gesture, the camera’s conditions of possibility and production, as its relationship to temporality and light are juxtaposed with the structures within which history-writing and archival procedures are made possible. Aside from the common denominator of time shared by these two domains, limitations, imprints, and fragmentation reveal themselves as also inherent to both history-writing and photography. In this context, the artist explores the in-between spaces of Seestadt as a starting point for her historical reflection and attempts to establish a dialogue between an individual historiography of everydayness and the photographic medium.

Contemporary Matters

Nur zur äußerlichen Anwendung, Contemporary Matters Studio, Exhibition view
Photo credits: Sophie Pölzl, 2023
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