Latences, 2022. Photo credits left: Romain Darnaud, right: Aurianne Chevandier


15 pigment prints 10x15 cm, flashlights, mirror. Dimensions variable
Produced for the group exhibition "Il y a du feu sous la cendre", Latences consists of a space in which visitors cast themselves light on the pictures shown. Fifteen small format prints face a mirror towards which the light sources are turned; its manipulation allows for the light to be reflected back at the prints. However, the disposition of the prints prevents a full view of all images and it is necessary to keep moving in the space to have access to them individually.

The work aims at translating a certain state of mind in physical gestures by inviting the audience to stay in motion and accept that its efforts will be rewarded by a partial view. Questioning the act of putting energy into something that might not produce the expected result (wasting time and energy?) it creates and invests a moment of latency in which the bodies of the visitors should stay. Latency is here an extension of the latent image; the moment in analog photography that precedes the chemical revelation of the images on the light-sensitive film, a moment where it is not yet sure whether the energy put into the making of images was fruitful. It is an interrogation of the value given to small gestures that (might) lead nowhere, and an invitation to try them.

Latences, 2022. Photo credits: Romain Darnaud,
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