Out loud, ©Gallery Reflektor, Photo credits: Miloš Stanojević, 2021

Out loud

Parquet floor, video (color, sound; 13min.) and TV, Dimensions variable.

A half-laid old parquet floor with a TV standing on it. Visitors are invited to sit and continue the work of the floor-layer while listening to and glimpsing at the TV. There, in a seemingly decayed room, someone is rearranging parquet strips together. As she is working, she speaks her mind out loud: “what is a hospitable utopia?”. The handwork interferes with the thinking and she loses her train of thought. The question remains unanswered.

Conceived on site during the research residency at Gallery Reflektor in Užice, this work plays with the endless continuity of thought by proposing a loop that can only be grasped in a fragmented way.

Out loud, Installation views ©Improper Walls, Photo credits: Niko Havranek, 2021
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